Trần truồng leo trụ điện

Không hiểu sao những người tâm thần thường trần truồng và leo trèo nhẩy =.=

2011 March 31st around 12 o'clock noon, a completely naked woman suffering from mental illness climbed to the top of a high-voltage electricity tower near the Tanggudongjiang Road and 9th Avenue intersection, was shocked onto a strut nearly 20 meters above the ground, the voltage of the high-voltage tower reaching 220,000 volts, hung in midair having been injured by the high-voltage electricity, not fully conscious.

After the power company cut the electricity to the tower, firefighters climbed up and harnessed the woman to be brought down.

Owing to the woman not being able to move due to the electrical shock, 3 emergency repair workers who were more familiar with the environment also climbed up the high-voltage tower to participate in the rescue.

Through over 2 hours of effort, the woman was finally successfully brought to the ground.

Photo is of city residents looking on around the high-voltage tower.

Medical workers and firefighters carrying the woman to the ambulance to be taken to the hospital for emergency rescue. At present, the woman's situation is stable.


malem said...

ở đâu đấy? TQ à. TQ thì miễn bàn...

Anonymous said...

Ở đâu cũng thế cả thôi, riêng gì ở khựa :|

Anonymous said...

Hình như cháu nó chết rùi thì phải

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